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Rolls GS76RL 8-User Game Show Controller Set

The GS76RL from Rolls is a complete 8-user game show controller system, ideal for use as a teaching aid to quiz students. The system's main controller unit has 8 numbered LEDs, a Ready LED, and a buzzer.

Daily Rental Rates

GHc 1500(1)

GSS 5 Game Show Bundle

The GSS-5 Pro Series is a culmination of years of experience in the game show industry. The new LED Dot Matrix screen adds for a flashy and eye popping visual appearance that is great for both indoor and outdoor venues. The GSS-6 Pro Series operates as both a stand alone system like our popular Face-Off and GSS-3000 systems as well as a full production game show set that can interface with our GM-100 software controller. Link up to 8 podiums (16 players).

Daily Rental Rates

GHc 1500(7)

Quiz Plus 400 bundle including

*Quiz Plus Ultimate 400 license (play with up to 400 participants) * 400 Quiz plus keypads * Receiver (handles up to 2000 buzzers, 350 meters range) * Presenter remote

Daily Rental Rates

GHc 8000(1)

Quiz Plus buzzer kit including:

* 4 Quiz Plus buzzers (table top) * Receiver (handles up to 100 buzzers, 100 meters range) * presenter remote

Daily Rental Rates

GHc 1500(2)

Quiz Plus 30 wristband bundle including * 30 LED rechargeable wristbands

* Medium power receiver * Charger for 50 wristbands

Daily Rental Rates

GHc 3500(1)

Quiz Plus LED rechargeable wristband

Daily Rental Rates

GHc 250(15)

High power receiver upgrade

Daily Rental Rates

GHc 90(1)